ALLENDALE – Ryan Kelley, Republican Candidate for Governor, says that as the 50th governor of Michigan, he will work with the Department of Education to mandate the Constitution to be taught in public schools, throughout K-12.

“If you were to ask a group of 100 adults to list the First 10 Amendments to the Constitution, found in the Bill of Rights, in any order, how many would be able to list even three?”

Kelley believes that the country is marching towards socialism, and one reason is that the education system wants our children to erroneously be taught that America is bad, and that their rights come from the government – not from God.

Kelley is convinced that Americans are growing increasingly frustrated, and vows to do something about it as Governor.

“If we don’t start teaching our kids about American exceptionalism at a young age, we will lose our country to the socialists,” he said.

Kelley’s Michigan First Policy agenda, “aims to put the people of Michigan in power, is in direct alignment with American values, and limits the overreach of the government.”


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