audit affidavitA recent survey shows that 50 million Republicans believe the election was stolen.

They believe this because there was countless testimony and evidence that  revealed that there were election irregularities at best, and widespread fraud at worst, in the 2020 Presidential election.

Since so many people believe that there is evidence of fraud, why are states, including Michigan, refusing to do audits? What is there to hide?

Fair and transparent elections are the backbone of our Republic.  If we have no confidence in our elections, we will become a Banana Republic.

Arizonians recently forced an audit by encouraging its citizens to serve audit affidavits demanding an election audit.  Michiganders can do the same!

If you care about election integrity and transparency, you can demand an audit by filling out and serving this affidavit on these parties.  Will you fill out and mail this affidavit and will you commit to helping Patrick Colbeck, Mike DePerno & Mike Lindell share the news?


Instructions For Filling Out  & Mailing the Audit Affidavit

Fill Out the Audit Affidavit

1)Under Form, write or type in your name and address.

2) Under Notice of Affidavit: “Now Comes Affiant,” write your first and last name.

3) Take the affidavit to a Notary. Make sure y0u have State ID.

4) In the presence of the Notary, fill out the Verification section and sign the Affidavit.

Prepare the Affidavit for Mailing

1) Under “Proof of Service,” fill in the date, right after the declaration of mailing.

2) Under “Served by,” type in your first and last name.

3) Make 12 copies of the completed and signed, original affidavit.

4) Place each of the 12 copies in separate envelopes addressed to those on the “additional people noticed” list, excluding Mike Shirkey.

3) Place the original affidavit in an envelope addressed to Sen. Mike Shirkey.

6) Keep a copy of the return receipts.

Mail the Affidavit

1) Take your original Affidavit and 12  copies of the affidavit to the post office.

2) Mail the original affidavit to Sen. Mike Shirkey via USPS Certified mail.

3) Mail the remaining 12 copies, each via USPS Certified mail .

4) Make sure to save your receipts.

Note: Please check the USPS website for the cost of postage.

If you completed all these steps, congratulations!  You are a true Patriot!

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