Endorsement of Ryan Kelley for Governor of Michigan by Medical Freedom Patriot, Candace Rock

As a nurse in the healthcare field and as an American Patriot, I support medical freedom and individual choice regarding medical decisions made for oneself and one’s family.

I am endorsing Ryan D. Kelley because he has been fighting for our rights and liberties! He shows up to protests and is still fighting for the integrity of our elections too! He will defend our Second Amendment and our freedom of speech!

While many claim to do that, he is doing it! He is someone that will help to bring Michigan back from this tyrannical government that is ruining our state.  He believes in small businesses and as a conservative, he wants our men and women to succeed!

He is a dedicated family  man and can relate to the average working class! we need a person like him to really stand up and fight for us!

Candace Rock Endorses Ryan D Kelley for Michigan Governor

Candace Rock

Registered Nurse
Medical Freedom Advocate