Endorsement of Ryan Kelley for Governor of Michigan by Captain Seth Keshel

I hereby endorse Ryan Kelley to become the 50th Governor of Michigan.  Ryan has been a staunch advocate for individual liberties in Michigan, and is highly thought of thanks to his steadfast opposition to Gretchen Whitmer’s tyrannical COVID lockdowns.

Michigan is full of natural beauty, resources, industry, and rich culture. Sadly, the state has suffered under the impact of foolish trade deals, feckless RINO leadership, and incompetent Democrat leadership like that exhibited by Gretchen Whitmer, – a candidate who pledged to fix the roads, but has instead paved over the hopes and dreams of those being left behind in what has become a medical police state hostile to the freedoms that define the American Dream.

As Governor, Ryan will honor civil liberties and uphold the Constitution, end any threat of lockdowns, bring forth an economic development plan that will unleash Michigan’s innovative spirit, and provide executive oversight that will ensure the administration of clean elections throughout the state.  It is imperative that patriots unite and elect Ryan Kelley to Michigan’s governorship.

Captain Seth Keshel

Former Army Captain

Election Data Analyst