Endorsement of Ryan Kelley for Governor of Michigan by Doug Altman, Bikers for Trump.

On this date, September 12, 2021,

Whereas: Ryan Kelley has declared to be a 2022 GOP candidate for Governor of Michigan,

And whereas: He is a grassroots American patriot who upholds the Make America Great Again doctrine, the America First/Michigan First agenda, and is against political gamesmanship,

And whereas: He is a Christian who believes in Conservative values and that every individual is important and deserves freedom, hope, love, and prosperity,

And whereas:

  • He is pro-freedom,
  • Pro unalienable rights,
  • Pro Constitution, especially the first, second, fourth, tenth, and fourteenth amendments so under attack by the left today,
  • Pro limited government and government accountability,
  • Pro election integrity,
  • Pro local business,
  • Pro workers’ rights,
  • Pro law enforcement,
  • Pro religious freedom,
  • Pro life and pro-family values,
  • Pro education,
  • Pro economy and jobs,
  • Pro legal immigration,
  • Pro medical freedom,
  • and is anti Communism and Communist Chinese Party.

And whereas: He has the qualifications and the backbone to fight to keep our God-given rights and to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and Michigan,

Be it resolved that: I, as a Bikers for Trump member, give my total and complete personal endorsement to Ryan Kelley in his campaign to be our next Governor of Michigan.

Doug Altman of Bikers for Trump endorses Ryan D Kelley for Michigan Governor

Doug Altman

Michigan Bikers For Trump Member,

Member of the Bay County Republican Party,

Bay County Precinct Delegate,

Patriot Guard Rider,

Member of the NRA