Official Statements

Below are my official statements on why I am boycotting the Mackinac Policy Conference.

The Detroit Reginal Chamber invited me, as one of the Gubernatorial Candidates, to participate in a debate at The Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island.  As part of the requirement to attend this event, attendees are being required to show proof of a “vaccine passport” or a negative PCR test.  This is not a requirement of the Grand Hotel, where the event is being held.  It is a requirement of The Detroit Regional Chamber, the host of the event.  The Detroit Chamber is waiving this requirement for the Gubernatorial Candidates and the debate portion of the conference.

As our next Governor, I am boycotting this debate, and the entire conference.  I have called on all other candidates to join me in taking this stand.  I will not bend a knee to tyranny, or participate in rules for thee and not for me.  The Grand Traverse GOP has offered to host the debate at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, on the same day that will respect medical privacy, and individual rights.  At this point, no other candidates have accepted the invitation.  I will not wait until I am governor to defend our God-given rights.  We must stand together now, and send a clear message: vaccine passports and unconstitutional mandates will not be tolerated.

Ryan D. Kelley for Governor of Michigan

“Michigan needs authentic leadership. Partisan politics obviously doesn’t put the people’s best interests first.”

– Ryan D. Kelley