From the desk of Ryan D. Kelley, candidate for Michigan Governor

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Official Response to Baseless Lawsuit

Radical left groups like “Progress Michigan” are trying to keep me off the ballot and manipulate voters with dishonest claims, because they know that I am best suited to take on Governor Whitmer in November, and bring Michigan back from her and Biden’s disastrous policies.

Their claims of insurrection are laughable. It is an attempt to deflect from the actual crimes and hardships that have been caused by the “Whitmer crime family”. For example, all the nursing home deaths caused by Governor Whitmer’s incompetent handling of the pandemic, the illegal waiver of voter signatures by Secretary of State Benson, the attempts to shut down line 5 by Attorney General Nessel, and power plant shutdowns by Whitmer making energy even more expensive.

Michigan families are tired of the “insurrection” charade; they want real relief from the disastrous Whitmer-Biden policies. The real issues are lower energy costs, a return to economic growth instead of managed decline, schools that teach useable skills instead of radical sexual and race ideologies, and election integrity.

That is why support for our campaign continues to grow the harder the radical left attacks me. The people of Michigan know who will fight for them.

Even radical Attorney General Nessel knows there is no case, that’s why they are resorting to desperate tactics to try to stop me.

Do not be fooled by their dishonest baseless claims and manipulative tactics.

Yes, I am on the ballot August 2. Yes, I will be on the ballot November 8. Yes, we will defeat Gretchen Whitmer and return Michigan to freedom, Liberty, and prosperity.

Vote RYAN KELLEY August 2, and November 8!