There is little disputing the notion that 2020 was one heck of a tumultuous year. As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic was a permeating issue which remained front and center throughout 2020.

However, there were many other important issues facing our State and Country running in parallel along with the pandemic: BLM/ANTIFA driven racial tension, election fraud, incessant fake news narratives, and constant suppression of the truth, to name a few. Patriotic Americans received little respite from the establishment onslaught of media propaganda, scientific suppression, and outright censorship of conservative viewpoints. Those who dared to speak out against the multiple narratives inundating everyone’s “newsfeed,” were unceremoniously silenced.

Leaders lead. Ryan Kelley is a leader.

In time periods where humanity is confronted with some of the most difficult issues, leaders always find a way to rise to the top. I’m talking about true leaders – those who selflessly work to improve the human condition in the face of turmoil.

True leaders work not simply for themselves or their families but, for all of humanity. Ryan Kelley is one such man. Many in (and beyond) the establishment were using the events of 2020 to capitalize for their own personal benefit: seeking monetary gain or giving into the allure of fame. Ryan Kelley was working against the establishment machinations which were blatantly and concurrently seeking to subdue freedom for all of humanity. 2020 was an outright onslaught against freedom, and Ryan was fighting against it all.

What drove Ryan to get involved in Michigan & National politics?

Anyone who has had an opportunity to speak with Ryan personally, will quickly latch onto the notion that he is a proud Patriot. Simply stated, this man loves America and the amazing State of Michigan. Kelley believes that our Constitution is the most important document among the millions of pages of legislation & policy which has come out of the State and Federal Government. Ryan believes that the Constitution’s foundational values need to again shape the course of our State and Nation, as the founders intended. In recent years our State has fallen away from these values. This is a primary driving force behind what Ryan Kelley was working for during the events of 2020.


Leading by example.

Ryan is a “boots on the ground” kind of guy. Going out and leading the charge, is what he does best. While believing a presence in the public square of social media is important,  Ryan feels that more can be accomplished by working together, in person, with other citizens. If you have not heard of Ryan until recently, it is because he is not actively seeking out cameras to be in front of. Rather, Ryan chose to work on important issues by helping bring people together to find solutions for the big issues we collectively face.

Ryan wants you to know he fights for you & your family!

Ryan wants each and every citizen of Michigan to know that he has been passionately fighting for your rights, freedom, and liberty long before he answered the call to run for Governor of Michigan. To answer any of those who did not manage to notice what he was up to in 2020, we feel that the following list will provide a succinct summation of how Ryan involved himself with the events we were all confronted with last year.

So what was Ryan Kelley up to in 2020?

  • February 2020 – October 2020: Vocal on Facebook about COVID-19, lock downs, masking and all other government overreach.
  • Due to making waves against the establishment, Ryan was permanently banned from Facebook in October 2020.
  • Held April 30th, 2020 rally at the Michigan Capitol Building which received nationwide attention. This action sparked the Nationwide movement against the tyrannical COVID lockdowns.
  • Helped organize the Sheriff’s Speak Out! rally on May 18th, in Grand Rapids.
  • Protected the Civil War statue in Allendale from being torn down by Antifa/BLM and kept Allendale safe from leftist destruction amidst the national riots and statue destruction that was happening across the country. All were armed to keep the peace, exercising 2A rights.
  • Held A Well Regulated Militia rally on June 17th at the Michigan Capitol Building. To which a BLM/Anifa counter protest showed up. The counter protest was very confrontational in the beginning but ended peacefully.
  • Met with the DOJ & FBI on July 31st at FBI headquarters to discuss Whitmer violations of the US Constitution. There were several follow ups with US Attorney’s and Special Agents.
  • Messaged the Michigan Speaker of the House MULTIPLE times (via text message to personal cell), to demand that he impeach Whitmer. Messaged several other legislators with the same message to impeach Whitmer, after the Supreme Court rendered the decision that she violated her oath of office.
  • Mailed letters to Whitmer, Nessel and Benson demanding their resignation from office.
  • Hosted the show Bamboozled on YouTube,  exposing the radical left, COVID, human trafficking, and much more, showing how the government has Bamboozled the people.
  • Nationwide Freedom March on October 24th (51 cities around the country).  Ryan Kelley recruited and organized every location with a leader in each specific city, including locally here in Allendale. On the same day Ryan Kelley faced counter-protests in Allendale by Antifa and BLM. Facebook subsequently shut down the event pages, and sent out cancellation messages on our behalf  of the page (even though the event was never canceled).
  • Fought for election integrity  by attending the November 4th rally outside the TCF center, where Antifa/BLM confronted him in the streets.
  • Attended the November 5th Election Integrity rally outside the TCF center, and faced another Antifa/BLM counter-protest at the rally.
  • Helped to organize and host three Stop the Steal rallies at the Michigan State Capitol Building in the months of November and December.
  • Helped to organize The Gretch that Stole Christmas and The People Took It Back rally at the Michigan Capitol Building on December 23rd, 2020.
  • On January 6, 2021, attended the January 6th rally at the U.S. Capitol,  standing up for Election Integrity.

Going forward: What to expect from Ryan Kelley

The fight has only just begun. Ryan will continue to show up and be a strong, consistent voice for the citizens of Michigan. It is his goal to raise the standard of integrity and transparency in Michigan’s government. The last thing Michigan needs in the Governor’s mansion is another spineless self-serving politician. Instead, Michigan needs a Governor for the PEOPLE. Michigan needs a Governor with a BACKBONE!

This movement cannot happen without you. It is going to take all Michigan Patriots working together as a unified voice and team to affect the much needed change in our State. Let’s get it done, together!