Now that we’ve covered fairly in depth, what your favorite Gubernatorial Candidate was up to in 2020. We’d like to follow up and show everyone what Ryan has been up to since his official February 1 announcement.

Since Mr. Kelley announced to the world that he was running to be Michigan’s 50th Governor, he has been a busy man – working hard every single day for the People of Michigan.

Winning the Governor’s race is NOT Ryan’s only goal.

As you will see, Ryan has remained active in his determined drive for both his candidacy as well as doing what he does best: Getting people involved and active here and NOW. It has never been more important for a massive Grassroots movement regarding the preservation of our Constitutional Republic. Ryan realizes that so much is at stake, that we truly cannot wait “until he is elected” for Conservatives to stand up for what is right. One of the most consistent messages Ryan has been advocating for has been to make your voice heard and not to wait for someone else.

Ryan truly walks the walk, and it shows. This mantra is what he lives by: If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Ryan Kelley Speaks at Grassroots GOP event in Iosco County

Ryan Kelley Speaks at Grassroots GOP event in Iosco County Michigan, November 6, 2021

This steadfast and vitally important message is why Ryan gains more popularity and recognition with each passing day. He is truly walking the walk for the people, leading by example, and not simply trying to pander for votes like so many politicians have the propensity to do. It is incredibly important for citizens to pay attention to what the candidates have done and are doing. Actions matter so much more so than what may be said in Social Media soundbites.

We must keep our politicians honest. It is our duty!

Not doing our due diligence, and holding our elected representation accountable are both precisely why our Constitutional Republic stands upon the precipice of what sure looks to be a Communist take-over.

Here’s what Ryan was up to in 2021:

Since seeing is believing… Here’s the list of some of the most notable events Ryan has either led or attended in support of We the People since announcing his candidacy in February.

  • April 16th and 17th. Attended an election integrity workshop in Lansing.
  • May 15th helped organize and spoke at a Freedom 515 Rally at the Capitol.
  • May 15th attended and spoke at a 2A Rally in Fowlerville.
  • May 19th attended the Unity Walk in Sanford to support the community as they commemorated the 1 year anniversary of the dam breaking.
  • May 21st attended the “Promgate Protest” at Southfield High School. The school was making unvaccinated students pay to attend the prom. Ryan was there supporting both the parents and unvaccinated students rights.
  • May 24th Zoom meeting with St John’s school board regarding mask mandates.
  • June 2nd did a town hall with 2A Patriots regarding his uncompromising stance on gun rights and the 2nd Amendment.
  • June 4th supported and prayed with a group of people outside an abortion clinic in Grand Rapids as they prayed for women seeking an Abortion.
  • June 17th attended and spoke at Rally at the Capitol about Election Integrity. Helped to deliver signed affidavits which he had encouraged his supporters to sign requesting a Full Forensic Audit of the 2020 election.
  • June 28th attended and made comment at Grand Ledge School Board in support of parents against mask mandates.
  • July 12th attended and made comment at Alma Planning Commission in support of residents against rezoning a facility so it could house illegal immigrant teenage boys.
  • July 15th while in Lansing talked to and supported Cuban Americans who were at the Capitol protesting communism in Cuba.
  • July 17th attended and spoke at protest at Henry Ford Healthcare supporting the employees who did not want to get the vaccine as terms of employment.
  • July 24th attended and spoke in support of employees at Mercy Health against vaccine mandates for employment.
  • July 29th went to Armada to support and help with the cleanup after a tornado hit the area.
  • August 6th spoke at Anti Vaccine Mandate & Medical Freedom Rally in Lansing.
  • August 11th spoke at University of Michigan anti vaccine mandate protest with parents and students.
  • August 19th met with Anti Turbine group in Montcalm County to listen to their concerns.
  • August 20th Health Freedom Rally at Ottawa County Health Dept.
  • September 9th attended Kent County Health Dept. meeting.
  • September 13th Rockford school board meeting supporting parents against mask mandates.
  • September 14th joined parents at an Ottawa County Commissioners meeting as they made comments against vaccine and mask mandates in schools.
  • October 1st spoke at Barry County Courthouse at rally for citizens declaring the Health Dept. commissioner violated the constitutional rights of the county residents.
  • October 2nd spoke at grand reopening of Marlena’s restaurant in Holland. She had been arrested for remaining open during the COVID Lockdown.
  • October 12th attended a Rally at the Capitol in Lansing wanting a Full Forensic Audit of the 2020 election.
  • November 8th Ryan attended a Greenville School Board meeting to speak out in support of parents who are opposed to the SEL (CRT) programs.
  • November 13th Ryan will be speaking for and standing with the students & parents for Medical Freedom in Manchester.
  • November 20th Ryan will be attending and speaking in support of the Michigan Students Take Charge Rally at the Capitol in Lansing.

All this is on top of over 100 speaking engagements and various interviews he’s done in support of his Michigan First Campaign.

To be sure… 2021 was an incredible year!  It will be exciting to see what Ryan continues to do in his efforts to mobilize the people against the Establishment machine – which has been working against We the People for far too long.

Be sure to donate to support the only true Grassroots Candidate running to be Michigan’s 50th Governor. 

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