Endorsements supporting Ryan D. Kelly for Michigan’s 50th Governor.

Michigan First Policy

Want to see who has endorsed Ryan? You’ll find all of your fellow Michigan (and America) First Patriots here. One thing is certain…  Our Michigan First agenda is taking the entire State by storm!

Click or tap on any endorsement flyer to take a closer look & read what each Patriot has to say about our next Governor.

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Check back often to see if any new endorsements have been added.

Seth Kehsel

Debra Ell

Rachel Atwood

Stefanie Boone

Officer Steve Bukala

Nick Prill

National Firearms Coalition

Minesh Baxi

Maija C. Hahn

Katherine Henry

Karla Wagner

Bikers For Trump

Amber Wakefield

Kristen Meghan

Kevin Green

Candace Rock

Faithful Patriots for Freedom

American Patriots Forum

Londa Gatt

Michigan Coalition for Freedom


Doug Altman

Dr. Rev. Mark Gurley

Conservative Country USA

Patrick Colbeck

Patriot Approved

Russ Jennings

Alcona County Republicans

Jessica Dobbs

Jeffrey Dobbs

Tom Johnson

Jim White

Steve Redmond

Church Militant

James Hooper

Marissa Brand

Jayne Locke

Jessica Hamlin

Malinda Pego

Tammy Vrosh

Truthful American

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