ALLENDALE – Ryan Kelley, Republican Candidate for Governor of Michigan, released his landmark proposed, Michigan First Policy Agenda.

“Michigan needs a Governor with a backbone, Kelley said. “The People of Michigan deserve a Governor who is not afraid to work hard for the people of Michigan, and who is not deterred by opposition.”

Kelley’s Michigan First policy agenda addresses issues that are vital to the State of Michigan, such as election integrity, education, medical freedom, government accountability, the Second Amendment, Pro-life and other areas that are important to Michigan residents.

It is a policy driven by the needs of the people, not by the egos of politicians.

“As Governor, I will work with the Legislature to sign legislation that is in alignment with our United States and Michigan constitutions,” Kelley said.

Kelley’s Michigan First Policy Agenda will ensure that, as Governor, he governs according to the will of the people, while upholding the values of the United States and Michigan constitutions.