From the desk of Ryan D. Kelley, candidate for Michigan Governor

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Defunding Michigan Bureaucracies

Michigan’s bureaucracies are plaguing our state. OSHA, LARA, DOE, DHHS for starters.

We have a governor that is sitting idle and letting the executive branch bureaucracies do as they please to Michigan children and adults, businesses, and anyone they feel deserves their authoritarian touch. Guilty Gretchen is, once again, not stepping up to protect Michiganders. Her silence is compliance; she hates Michigan freedom!

Vaccine mandates, COVID regulations fines, threats and intimidation of losing licenses, liberal indoctrination, anti-American propaganda, and more make it very clear that these overreaching bureaucracies do not have the best interest of the people of our state or children’s future in mind.

DEFUND them all. Until these bureaucracies assure us they will operate within constitutional guidelines, and do the right thing, shut them down.

The legislature has the power of the purse, use it, and shut down these bureaucracies that are plaguing our state and people.

Once I’m elected Governor, a main priority will be eliminating the power held by these un-elected bureaucrats and their fee and fine heavy  agencies or eliminating these agencies all together!