From the desk of Ryan D. Kelley, candidate for Michigan Governor

Monday, November 22, 2021

Education in the state of Michigan 
Ryan D. Kelley – Michigan’s Education Governor

America is the greatest country to ever exist in the history of the world.  Our founding documents lay the foundation for a self-governed people, with the ability to exercise their God-given rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness without worry of authoritarian government control.

Authoritarian tyrants have infiltrated our government at many state and federal positions.  They are fueled by money, power, greed, and control; not by upholding our Constitutional Republic, our Constitution, and the founding of this great nation.

Our public education system has failed us.  Far-left progressive radicals have plagued our education system for decades. Our children are suffering from inferior curriculum, lack of knowledge of America’s founding principles, anti-American propaganda, and progressive radical leftist ideology such as socialism and communism.

As Michigan’s next Governor, I will work with the Department of Education to promptly eliminate Common Core, abolish any trace of CRT (DEI, SEL, etc.), institute anti-communism curriculum, institute Constitution education laying the foundation of freedom and limited government, increase trades and trade school promotion, along with placing cameras in every public-school classroom that can be live stream monitored by parents at any time.  Our children deserve the best American Education.

Should the Department of Education choose to not PROMPTLY implement these policy changes, I will immediately draft an Executive Order eliminating the Department of Education.