From the desk of Ryan D. Kelley, candidate for Michigan Governor

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Roe v Wade
Murder on trial

Redefining words does not change the meaning of the action.  Abortion is not healthcare, it is murder.  Call it what it is: Murdering a human.

Progressive radicals on the far-left love using the term; science and data.  These extremists also choose to ignore the biology grounded in truth and fact that a new life, a new body, and a brand-new unique strand of DNA is created the moment of conception.

The moral degradation of America has fueled multiple generations of misguided belief of the basic truths of science, and creation of human life.  Replacing responsibility with convenience, twisting reality into lies, and removing the value of human life, we find our nation at a spiritual crossroad.

Millions of women silently suffer from post-abortive mental health issues.  Finding conflict with choice validation and repentance, while plagued with thoughts and depression of being judged by their peers. Women need access to heal mental wounds from abortions, not a culture that tells them murdering their children is acceptable!

As the Supreme Court hears the oral arguments on Roe v Wade, we must acknowledge the science and data.  Hard truths of new DNA forming at conception, separate from the mother must be upheld.  Senseless murdering of our children must stop, we must reverse Roe v Wade.