From the desk of Ryan D. Kelley, candidate for Michigan Governor

Friday, November 19, 2021

The Peoples Strike Against Vaccine Mandates

Vaccine mandates will erode all other freedoms we cherish in America if we allow them to be forced and enforced on the American people.

America’s fascist dictatorship, masquerading as our federal government, is on an all-out war against the American people to force every last one of us to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. No regard to what or who they destroy in the process. Medical tyranny must be stopped! We must protect and preserve freedom and personal choice.

These tyrant dictators in Washington DC, and many state governments, want total control over the people, our money, body, mind, and children.

Our authoritarian government is threatening, intimidating, and bullying people, public institutions, and private companies across the US to comply with their mandates or face crippling punishment.

As deadlines approach for institutions and companies all over America, THE PEOPLE must unite and make their voices heard. Do not give consent as the governed.

If you are vaccinated, yet want to preserve freedom and personal choice, you must stand with those who do not want to be vaccinated. If you do not, what is the next thing that the federal or state government or your company forces that you do not want or agree with? The people must strike, walkout, stand united, bring the economy to a screeching halt to end the federal authoritarian rule. Shut down these dictator compliant companies! There will not be a “next time” if we do not stop this now.