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Support Ryan Kelley's Legal Defense
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Core Issues

As Michigan’s 50th governor, Ryan will return decision-making power back to the hands of the people.

Here are some of the core issues Ryan will be actively focused on to make a positive impact:

✓ Respecting Individual Freedoms and Liberty
✓ Election Integrity and Accountability
✓ Eliminate DEI, CRT, and Education Indoctrination
✓ Focus on Academics, Skilled Trades, and American Constitutional Civics in Schools
✓ Uphold Second Amendment Rights
✓ Pass Constitutional Carry
✓ Reduce Dependence on Federal Dollars Controlling State Agencies
✓ Oppose Lockdowns
✓ Protect Medical Freedom
✓ Promote Free Market Principles
✓ Support Michigan Constitutional Law Enforcement
✓ Address Michigan’s Mental Health Crisis in Children and Adults

Ryan wants to know what priorities are important to you!

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What does a better Michigan look like to you?

Ryan D. Kelley for Governor of Michigan

Ryan’s Official Boycott Statement

“As Michigan’s next governor, I will respect people’s rights, not violate them.”

– Ryan D. Kelley