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Either the government controls your life or protects your freedom.  Under my leadership, the government will protect your rights, not take your freedom.  Your constitutional rights are unalienable; that’s how I will lead.


Under my leadership, Michigan will not be ruled by fear of government. We will rejoice in renewed hope for our state, communities, families and future.


Michigan deserves leadership that will lead with love and offer peace and harmony from the heart to the state.  Under my leadership, we will spread love to every corner and person in Michigan.


The American Dream is for all citizens and legal immigrants.  Our state leads the nation in all we do. Under my leadership, we will reignite the flames of prosperity to lift up our citizens and make Michigan a place in which people want to migrate & legally immigrate.


As Michigan’s 50th governor, Ryan will return decision-making power back to the hands of the people.

Here are some of the core issues Ryan will be actively focused on to make a positive impact:

✓ Revitalize Detroit
✓ Economy & JOBS
✓ Education Advancement
✓ Limited Government
✓ Government Accountability
✓ Freedom and the Constitution
✓ Trust & Integrity in Government
✓ Encourage Migration
✓ Encourage Legal Immigration
✓ Transparency in Legislation
✓ Election Integrity
✓ Media Accountability

Ryan wants to know what priorities are important to you!

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What does a better Michigan look like to you?

Ryan D. Kelley for Governor of Michigan

“As Michigan’s next governor, I will respect people’s rights, not violate them.”

– Ryan D. Kelley